Stopped using balling, too much consumption, all additives together was 1.3L/day and I had to fill buggets all the time. Start to use calsium reactor Deltec pf 601 with Dastaco media, last 24 hours trying to get flow and co2 at the right flow. Now reactor ph is 6.11 so close to right numbers, dastaco suggests that ph inside reactor is 6.0. Last 24 hours kh has dropped from 9.0 to 8.0 but hoping to get reactor to right settings to get kh stabilised.
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Today mounted motorised valve to co2 scrubber, profilux controls it, valve turns to room air when ph hits 8.17 and back to c02 scrubber when it drops to 8.12.

Two reasons: first is that I try to keep ph as stabil as possible. Second is that sodalime is not cheap here and try to reduce amount that I use, and don't see reason why ph should go over 8.20.
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We have nice storm here last night. Electricity go off 1:40 and come back 14:40, 13 hours without electricity. Thank God that I made backup system last summer, get power from big battery to inverter for pump that runs water from sump to display tank and for little stream in display tank, water keeps moving. ph dropped to 7.69 and temp to 24.4, everything looks ok now and I hope it stays that way.
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Did big mistake on Saturday 29.12. I have ato reservoir in sump and start to fill it up. Forget it running for way too long time and it overflow to sump and salinity dropped to 1.0225
It was low 1.024 before accident. Hope that corals don't take damage cause of this.

I asked few experienced reefers how to get it back to good readings. One way is make strong saltwater, 10%, and drip it really slow to sump. That is what I'm going to do. Wish me good luck.

Today is first day when I drip it to sump, 400ml/h. Half of 8 litre bucket has dripped past 10 hours and salinity is raised 0.0002. It should be about 0.0004-0.0005 effect to salinity when all 8 litres has dripped. Slow job but don't want rush, think that tank habitants get their part of shock and stress on Saturday.

Will see tomorrow what are effects to tank and if all seems ok I continue this next day until salinity is ok.
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