dtum ‐ Such an awesome video, really top notch. And I'm such a huge fan of a static and long FTS. Neat.
slo-mo-shun ‐ reedman that really is a great video. Very enjoyable watch.
cubanreefer ‐ Wow! What an FTS! Nice video, can see all the details! This music goes along well. Thanks for sharing!
heizen ‐ Wow! What an inspiration this is. I've been running my tank for two years now, and I'm just starting to get ahead of troubles. When I look at your video and see what I could accomplish with enough patience, it gives me a good motivation to go on! Thanks!
patwreck ‐ Talk about a nice video of an epic tank. Just look at all that life. Beautiful!
sekunda2003 ‐ Great video! All these awesome vids make me want to get one together too. And buy a LOT more zoas!
paaatz ‐ Vraiment un beau bac ! Keep this up
mangups ‐ beautiful video !!
reefman_qc ‐ Thanks bros !
pjvalencia ‐ Cool shot!!
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