Had to cut back the chalice coral this morning. It was getting too big, and dying off in spots. One of the chalices was removed completely because it was stinging my montipora next to it. I saved one of the frags and glued it to a rock in the back. :::Other than that, the system is doing well. I have to feed heavy to keep nitrates ups, but my acros are growing, and appear to be doing very well.Small water change tonight, and continues regular feedings.
View April 3, 2019 03:02
System is doing better, but not good? My Nitrates and phosphates are at zero. I need to start feeding more often. Right now I'm feeding pellet food everyday for the fish. My last 2 feedings have been with Benepets coral food. I don't believe that it has enough phosphates or nitrates to maintain nutrients at detectable levels. I will preform a small water change tonight along with a healthy feeding. My alkalinity is also rising. I believe this is due to the adding of Sachem's Strontium additive. After I make more makeup water I will no longer be using it.
View March 23, 2019 19:18
System is doing a lot better. Phosphates are still at zero but nitrates have fallen to 5 ppm after adding macro algae, and re-installing the Marine Pure block. Both chalices still have damage from tissue necrosis, but has halted for now. I hope in the next week or two, I start to see some kind of recovery. The Six Lined Wrasse may have to go? It has been observed eating corals, and chasing tank mates.
View March 14, 2019 18:39
Phosphates at 0.0 ppm after feed Reef-Riods, and Nitrates are still at 20 ppm. I do believe the light is keeping the macro algae a live, and they are removing nitrates and phosphates from the water column. I have also adjusted the protein skimmer to only pull dark skim-mate. I believe both the more powerful LED light and the current setting on the protein skimmer may be the reasons why the macro algae is doing as well as they are. As much as I hate to do it, I should postpone any water changes to see if phosphates and nitrates stay at there current parts per million. Any increase in nitrates should be a good indication that the macro algae is the reason for reduced nutrients. I also believe that Strontium is lacking in this system. I'm noticing growth, and a drop in alkalinity immediately after a water change. Chalice coral seems to be recovering. I have stopped dosing daily LPS amino acids.
View February 28, 2019 20:55
On the 23rd of February I added two different types of macro algae, and two different types of copepods. 3 days later I am having to adjust my calcium reactor. Sunset montipora is encrusting at a rapid rate. pH has been higher and at a steady rate as well, and nitrates have been lowered by 20-25%. Hair algae has also started growing again. Flourish by Seachem additive has been used as well, a long with GAC.Now because so many things have been done to the system, I have no way of knowing what is at play here. At this point I'm willing to contemplate two scenarios. 1.) The recent water changes brought down the nitrate levels, and allowed the calcification process to ramp up, or. 2.) The new light is keeping the macro algae a live and thriving, thus removing nitrates. My phosphate levels are still at 0. I will continue to do water changes until nitrates are lower. I will monitor the macro algae for signs of recession.
View February 26, 2019 10:10
Side note: 0.22 cups every 1 sec to maintain a 50 GPH flow.
View February 22, 2019 02:58
Phosphates at whatever the hell level they are. Same with nitrates! I don’t really care; MY CORALS ARE NOT DOING WELL AND I’M TIRED OF IT!I did dose the system with ChemiClean to eliminate Cyanobacteria. So far so good, almost 12 hours later. My Chalice coral and Sunset Montipora are or were showing signs of damage or distress. The Sunset Montipora seamed to appear chalky and white on the top of the colony, but the Chalice corals seems to have a burse where two polyps use to be. Since the last water change about a day ago, the Sunset Montipora is showing signs of returning to its original color. The chalice coral may take longer to show signs of recovery. For as of right now. I’m going to be performing regular water changes until nitrates are at a desirable level. No more dosing useless I can justify it. Installed de*nitrate by SeaChem today. It will take about a month before the denitrifying bacteria are in place to remove nitrates.
View February 22, 2019 01:17
Phosphates @ 0.02, added 5 ml of NeoPhos. Six Lined Wrasse was found eating corals, and is most likely the one doing all the damage. I'd like to say he's eating bugs, but I can't find any under a magnifying glass. I will be performing a massive water change tonight.
View February 19, 2019 17:08
Tired….I’m going to go down a different route to lower my nitrates. Carbon and phosphate dosing should have started to show signs of working in the last 4 weeks. Unfortunately, it hasn’t. Now I have cyanobacteria growing in my main display, and Montipora and Pocillopora corals haven’t been doing well at all. If everything was right in my system, they should be doing just as well as my Acropora. I’m going to go out on a limb here and say the Brightwell aquatics products haven’t been as helpful or successful as originally suspected. Now I’m going to try Sea Chem.My plan is to stop using ALL Brightwell Aquatic products and perform a large water change. Next use ChemiClean to remove Cyanobacteria. Then perform another large water change. I will load up one of my media reactors and use an 80 GPH pump. This pump is very poorly made and cheap, so I know it won’t exceed is current rating, and because of the distance, I can be sure it will provide adequate water flow. (50 GHP) I removed some corals tonight due to underlining issues.Purple encrusting Montipora was removed due to a growth of Bryopsis pennata or B. plumosa. It has started to take off and grow larger since the addition of phosphates to the system. I’m not taking the chance of it spreading. I’ve moved it to the sump to see if I can propagate and recover the coral.Pink, Pocillopora, damicornis was removed due to too much damage. I believe my Six Lined Wrasse was eating it like some of my other corals. Smooth Encrusting Montipora Coral, nodosa was removed due to damage. Again, I believe my six lined wrasse to be at fault. I also moved it to the sump to see if I can get it to recover from the attacks.
View February 19, 2019 02:26
Phosphates @ 0.01 ppm. I dosed 5 ml of NeoPhos. Cyanobacteria still growing despite micro bubble program. For right now it appears to only be on the sand bed, but I may use ChemiClean to remove. I'm also looking at using a denitrifying filter media like (Seachem's Matrix) to help correct nitrate issue. I've grown tired of this battle. I know I need phosphates in the system. I've seen the benefits, but I also know the higher levels of nitrates aren't good either.
View February 18, 2019 16:42