Tired….I’m going to go down a different route to lower my nitrates. Carbon and phosphate dosing should have started to show signs of working in the last 4 weeks. Unfortunately, it hasn’t. Now I have cyanobacteria growing in my main display, and Montipora and Pocillopora corals haven’t been doing well at all. If everything was right in my system, they should be doing just as well as my Acropora. I’m going to go out on a limb here and say the Brightwell aquatics products haven’t been as helpful or successful as originally suspected. Now I’m going to try Sea Chem.My plan is to stop using ALL Brightwell Aquatic products and perform a large water change. Next use ChemiClean to remove Cyanobacteria. Then perform another large water change. I will load up one of my media reactors and use an 80 GPH pump. This pump is very poorly made and cheap, so I know it won’t exceed is current rating, and because of the distance, I can be sure it will provide adequate water flow. (50 GHP) I removed some corals tonight due to underlining issues.Purple encrusting Montipora was removed due to a growth of Bryopsis pennata or B. plumosa. It has started to take off and grow larger since the addition of phosphates to the system. I’m not taking the chance of it spreading. I’ve moved it to the sump to see if I can propagate and recover the coral.Pink, Pocillopora, damicornis was removed due to too much damage. I believe my Six Lined Wrasse was eating it like some of my other corals. Smooth Encrusting Montipora Coral, nodosa was removed due to damage. Again, I believe my six lined wrasse to be at fault. I also moved it to the sump to see if I can get it to recover from the attacks.
February 19, 2019 02:26