On the 23rd of February I added two different types of macro algae, and two different types of copepods. 3 days later I am having to adjust my calcium reactor. Sunset montipora is encrusting at a rapid rate. pH has been higher and at a steady rate as well, and nitrates have been lowered by 20-25%. Hair algae has also started growing again. Flourish by Seachem additive has been used as well, a long with GAC.Now because so many things have been done to the system, I have no way of knowing what is at play here. At this point I'm willing to contemplate two scenarios. 1.) The recent water changes brought down the nitrate levels, and allowed the calcification process to ramp up, or. 2.) The new light is keeping the macro algae a live and thriving, thus removing nitrates. My phosphate levels are still at 0. I will continue to do water changes until nitrates are lower. I will monitor the macro algae for signs of recession.
February 26, 2019 10:10