Phosphates at 0.0 ppm after feed Reef-Riods, and Nitrates are still at 20 ppm. I do believe the light is keeping the macro algae a live, and they are removing nitrates and phosphates from the water column. I have also adjusted the protein skimmer to only pull dark skim-mate. I believe both the more powerful LED light and the current setting on the protein skimmer may be the reasons why the macro algae is doing as well as they are. As much as I hate to do it, I should postpone any water changes to see if phosphates and nitrates stay at there current parts per million. Any increase in nitrates should be a good indication that the macro algae is the reason for reduced nutrients. I also believe that Strontium is lacking in this system. I'm noticing growth, and a drop in alkalinity immediately after a water change. Chalice coral seems to be recovering. I have stopped dosing daily LPS amino acids.
February 28, 2019 15:55