Phosphates @ 0.02 ppm. I dosed 5 ml of NeoPhos because I've noticed some cyanobacteria on the sand bed this morning. Reef Roids may not be a health source of phosphatesBubble scrubbing may have to be adjusted? I'm not seeing any slime build up in my filter socks, nor bubbles stuck to the glass. Skim-mate production should be increasing as well but so far, I haven't seen any results. Overall system health appears to be good. Still growing coralline algae at a decent rate.
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Phosphates @ 0.02. I did not dose NeoPhos today. Instead I added a 1/4 teaspoon of Reef-Roids. I want to see whether or not my phosphates increase or maintain. I think I've seen a trend where Reef-Roids has kept phosphate levels up for a few days. I've observed this on the 25th of January 2019. I am hoping to reproduce the same results. Further more, I believe with the absence of kalkwasser, phosphates should be harder to eliminate from the system. If I can see evidence that Reef-Roids can maintain a phosphate level, I will continue to dose Reef-Roids, and watch my nitrate levels. Chaeto that was moved to the bucket is floating showing signs of oxygenation. Feeding heavily, and I hope I don't kill the culture.
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Phosphates @ 0.04 ppm after feeding Reef-Roids. Reef-Roids may be the answer to maintaining a phosphate level. Nitrates looked a little lighter today on the test. Not enough to say 20 ppm, but lighter than usual. Hard to say just yet what the chaeto is doing? It's only been a day since I moved it. I lost the Firefish today. It was hiding out, and wasn't eating. I can only assume it wasn't eating at the pet store either.
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Phosphates at 0.0 ppm, knew this last night, 6 hours after dosing 30 ml of NeoPhos. Only dosed 5 ml of NeoPhos today, and the Frog Spawn is looking better. There may be additional chemicals causing a reaction.I removed the chaeto today and moved it to a bucket for improved growth. I don't believe the chaeto is going to do good in a carbon dosing environment. Currently have the chaeto in a 2 gallon bucket with a grow light and feeding Guillard's f/2 formula. This should defiantly bring it back...I have spent the day setting up my system and timers to run micro bubbles for 2 hours a night. I've already seen some visual benefits with just small tests I've been preforming. Hopefully this helps bring my nitrates down?I'm also waiting for the beneficial bacteria to form and start removing nitrates on a controlled basis, but until then I have to do something to improve the system. Maybe this will help? SIDE NOTE**** I tested the NeoPhos today to see if it actually had phosphates. Short answer is, it most defiantly does. The test went off the charts. So yes it does have a high concentration of phosphates
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Growing tired...Phosphates at 0.00 ppm 6 hours after dosing 30 ml of NeoPhos? Nitrates still haven't changed. It's been 48 hours since I've shut down kalkwasser reactor. Frog Spawn is showing signs of stress. Not fully opening. This is the only negative result so far, and the only change made since detection is the kalkwasser reactor. Starting to question my protein skimmer? Is it too big? Is it pulling too much out of the water column?
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Phosphates @ 0.00 ppm! WTF? Dosed another 28.2 ml of NeoPhos, and shut down the Kalkwasser reactor. Adjusted calcium reactor to keep up with alkalinity. It will require more attention to get properly dialed in.Chaeto is melting. I would like to say it was damaged in shipping but the chaeto in the 10 gallon system seems to be doing well. I am hoping the chaeto bounces back once the kalkwasser reactor has been off line for a few days.
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Phosphates at 0.0 ppm. Dosing NeoPhos at 28.2 ml. I'm beginning to think that the only way I'm going to control my phosphate levels is to take the kalkwasser off line. This is just a thought at the moment, but may be a real solution to the problem. Chaeto is still showing signs of recession. I tested iron last night and even with the ChaetoGro, my iron levels are still undetectable. I have increased the dosage of ChaetoGro to 10 drops a day.
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Phosphates @ 0.02 ppm. Dosed 23.5 ml of NeoPhos. With a reading of 25 ppm of Nitrate, I should have a phosphate level of 1.56 ppm. Currently I am no where near to keeping the Redfield ratio. Chaeto doesn't appear to be doing well. I'm still dosing ChaetoGro, but I'm noticing pieces starting to go limp, and break off. These pieces are clear and seem to be melting.I know it hasn't been a week yet, (Since dosing BioFuel) but I hope to see some kind of results by the 12th of February, as far as the Nitrate levels go. I've been dosing MicroBacter7 in conjunction, and having seen any real visual indicators that it's working. Again it hasn't been a week yet, but it would be nice to know I'm on the right track...
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Decided to glue down redhead Montipora digitata. Took some pieces that were left behind on the frag plug and glue them down in various places. I also cut some growth of the Mystic Sunset Montipora, and glue it in some random places. If they take, there should be a lot more red in the reef tank.
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Phosphates @ 0.01 ppm. Dosed 18.8 ml of NeoPhos. 4X the recommended dosage.Cheato still appears to be doing ok. No noticeable growth as of yet.Nitrates still at 25 ppm.Phosphates are still below target range. I will continue to increase dosage until 0.1 ppm is achieved.
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