Color tip Healing
reefrouteaquatics ‐ I just posted a photo for "Color Tip healing. The pictures shows a side by side comparison of about 4 weeks of growth. When this coral came in I thought I got ripped off. There was exposed skeleton at the base, and I knew it could have been RTN or STN, or maybe just the way it was fragged?

During the night I sometimes view my aquarium with a UV light. This light shows the glow of most of my corals, and a way that I check on them from time to time. Recently I have been having issues with crabs eating my corals. As I was viewing my color tip acropora, I noticed the base was glowing? I thought the only way it was glowing is if their was tissue present. I immediately turn on the lights and took a photo. This photo not only showed the regeneration of tissue, but some substantial growth as well.
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