Got in tonight and the lobo is really struggling. The flesh is pulling away from the skeleton on one side. I think it might be beyond repair now...
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Sunday 10th April

Not a great day for the Shaun and Sam aquarium to today. It started with a trip to LFS to collect water for general maintenance and live Daphnia for a feeding treat . When Sam began to do the change she noticed that James Bay (Orange Spotted Goby) had passed away. This was so out of the blue as he'd shown no previous signs of being ill. Sam scooped him out and performed a 25 litre water change, swapped filter sock, blasted rock work and replenished the PhosGuard.

The lobo is also looking its worst. Part of the flesh has now come away from the skeleton, which is frustrating as it had shown signs of recovery earlier in the week and this morning.

Now it's time to look at more Gobies and decide who we're going to replace James Bay with...
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Tuesday 5th April

Lobo hasn't got any better up high so moved it back to the sand bed, front central. Not feeling too hopeful of its chances anymore...

Performed full water tests.
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Sunday 3rd April

Yesterday the lobo had inflated slightly but the hope was short lived as it had receded again this morning.

Battle with GHA is going well, a mixture of manual removal, improved flow, more regular filter sock changes and reduced lighting has seen a much thinner covering.

Went to LFS today and significantly added to CUC. Bought 6 Algae hermits, 2 Cerith snails and 2 Turbo snails so hopefully we'll see further improvements with GHA.

Whilst there we also discussed the lobo and it was suggested that it might not actually be getting enough light. The store runs lights at 100%, I run at 40% so we've decided to move lobo higher in the tank to see if more light improves anything. Time will tell.

Also performed water change and usual maintenance including filter sock swap, glass clean etc.
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Thursday 31st March

Still trying to save the lobo, moved to far back corner with lowest flow, hoping lighting will have an impact too. Thought calcium might be the issue but bought a test kit and result seems fine. Also tested Phosphates to establish whether PhosGuard is still having an impact.

This is the lowest ever reading of Phosphate, and when paired with manual removal of GHA, regular filter sock swaps and lower and shorter lighting, I think the GHA is looking a little better.
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Monday 28th March

Popped to LFS and collected RO and asked about more cuc. Going to significantly increase as part of my battle to combat GHA. In hindsight, my CUC has been far too small since the beginning.
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Sunday 27th March

A lot has happened in the last month. Mainly been battling GHA using PhosGuard. We haven't seen much of a difference to be honest but are still trying.

I went to India and Dubai with work a couple of weeks ago, 12th March, for a fortnight. Sam would be looking after the tank before joining me for the last couple of days, at which point Chris would be popping in to feed.

On my way to the airport, we popped in to LFS and spotted a great looking Lobophilia and reserved it. Sam collected the next day whilst I flew to India and introduced it to the tank. Sam also performed weekly water changes and scrubbed a piece of rock to remove GHA. Sam also noticed the puffer bothering coral and making the lobo retract.

Lobo also didn't seem to react well to the tank, retracting and revealing skeleton, possibly because of flow or light as parameters were all good. Things always seem to go wrong whilst I'm away.

I tried to set a new lighting schedule in India, thinking that might help the lobo but Sam couldn't update the light before joining me in Dubai.

Sam and I returned from Dubai in early hours of Sunday 27th, went straight to bed and woke at midday. I got straight on with tank maintenance. Skimmer was far too wet so emptied and dialed down a little. I also replenished PhosGuard and topped up reactor with a few extra pellets and turned down motor a little.

The display glass was covered in a brown algae and possibly Copepods. It needed a good clean which I did with the flipper. I also decided to move powerhead to try and get better flow. I moved it to the front right of the tank away from the lobo and changed from pulse to random flow, hopefully this will help. I also connected light and reprogrammed. Cut down to run from 5 to 10pm (previously 2.30-11pm). I also dropped brightness from 50% to 40% and reduced reds and greens as I read that these can promote algae growth. Now to wait and see if these changes have any impact on lobo and algae.
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Sunday 28th Feb

Returned to LFS and bought some 26mm plastic tubing, heated it up and stretched over outlet of reactor to create a tight fit. Then bent this tube from chamber 2 of sump back into chamber 1 aiming right at the inlet of the skimmer. This should now skim out solidified phosphate and nitrate rather than pumping back in to main display.

Tested phosphates again after running PhosGuard for 24 hours. They read 0.2 again but will keep monitoring over the next few days.

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Saturday 27th Feb

So with the GHA gradually getting worse over the past few months, it's time to act. Weekly 25l water changes haven't helped but picking some by hand has helped a little so plan to continue with this.

Today I performed my usual tank maintenance but also bought PhosGuard to run in a media bag at the return pump. Although Phosphates test low, this is probably because they are being consumed by the algae. All other parameters seem fine.

Whilst performing the water change I also noticed a lot of thick mulm in sump - probably from reactor running bio pellets. This really needs directing straight at skimmer but won't work in my sump due to small size. Will look for tubing to solve this.

Gave sump and equipment a good wipe down, added PhosGuard, replaced carbon.

Phosphate tested at 0.2. Let's see if we can get on top of it, get Phosphates to 0 and start added bigger corals.
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Tuesday 16th Feb

Having blasted the rocks I noticed the torch is much smaller and sulking. Going forward, I'll blast rocks once a week during water changes. The torch has since started to improve and I believe there was probably a chemistry imbalance.

Also turned light down from 50% to 45% to see if that helps.
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