Reefer350 Main return pump off which caused tank temperature razed to 28 degree...
View March 18, 2019 11:32
Finally I installed Eheim reefexUV500 to Reefer350 today Mar 13, 2019 in the hope to not get ich issue...
View March 13, 2019 11:11
Today my Apex controller saved my Reefer350I accidentally shut off Chiller without any notice, the temperature rises to 27.8, luckily I open up Apex controller (email and sound alarm not setup yet) and see the abnormal, immediately go to check chiller and found out chiller was off.I need to set up Sound and Light alarm for abnormal temperature as well.
View February 8, 2019 09:23
Today lunch time, my Temperature controlled power socket arrived, so I set it up to AC Fan (to cool chiller hot exhaust), it's beautiful and easy to setup, now finally I have a controlled cooling Fan for chiller.
View February 8, 2019 02:05
Rakesh gave me some chaeto, I put it inside my sump on Feb/08/2019, Let's see what will happen...
View February 8, 2019 01:02
Moved ATS pump and Light power supply to Apex Energy Bar. So I can:1) Use the timer function to control light on/off timing.2) Use iPad to control ATS pump on/off.
View February 6, 2019 01:18
I replaced another ATS LED power brick... I use 24V power supply and put 2 LED light into series connection, it works.
View February 5, 2019 10:28
Today I setup Reefer350 Topup tank water level low alarm to Apex controller.
View February 5, 2019 10:00
Plan to setup a auto-dosing for disease prevention medicine for Reefer350...
View February 5, 2019 03:48
Time flies, finally my Apex controller is setup and working nicely, even the leak sensor is working and will trigger a light/buzzer alarm whenever there is leak detected and the dos pump is dosing nitrate/phosphate reduction liquid too.Yesterday I added a iPad as a display unit to it. I 3D design and printed a stand for the iPad. it looks and works beautifully.
View February 3, 2019 19:42