Moved all fishes (except 1 3 strip white/black) damzel into Reefer 350 today.
View February 11, 2020 13:21
Checked Chaeto and removed half, Chaeto growing good!
View February 9, 2020 04:59
Checked Chaeto and removed half, Chaeto growing good!
View February 1, 2020 12:33
After reducing the light time, today checked chaeto, the condition is not 100% good, but 85% good, all the container space is fully grew up, I removed a lot.
View January 26, 2020 14:55
Today check chaeto, not so bad, compare to last week condition, getting better, even not grow that much...
View January 16, 2020 07:51
I am still neglecting Reefer 350, even the zoantids coral dies, I don't know which one is missing...

I guess I just focus on the fishes first, until my mind is really settled down and have good time, I may re-start focus on coral...
View January 2, 2020 08:45
Almost 2 weeks already since I moved the sailfin and yellow tang back to Reefer 350, fishes still doing good and no sign of ich! Good job!
View January 2, 2020 08:43
Got new chaeto from Coral farm and put into reactor.
View January 1, 2020 05:15
After 9 days since I moved the sail fin and yellow tang back to Reefer 350, there is no sign of ich issue, so today I moved 7 green chromis and one green goby, yellow watch man goby back to reefer 350. Just left 1 3 strips black/white damsel remains inside QT120.
The first quarantine job is completed so far, will be monitoring Reefer 350 for another 4 weeks to see any white spot issue, if no ich issue, that marks my quarantine work completed successfully!
View December 30, 2019 09:07
This evening I moved yellow tang x2 and sailfin tang, foxface, big clown fish back to Reefer 350, let's see how it goes.
View December 21, 2019 15:05