I ordered a BM auto roller system for Reefer 170 today, with additional 1 roller fleece, total $194... I hope to get very clear water.
View May 15, 2023 14:38
Today I saw 2 yellow fry fish coming out--- super surprise! So happy to see it, that means my cichlid fishes are happy and doing well in Reefer 170 tank!
View March 18, 2023 05:41
The rocks growing brown diatom algae, so today take out all the rocks and scrub clean it.
Let's see will the brown diatom be gone soon?
View February 10, 2023 00:15
Today I went to Clementi 328 fish shop bought x10 peacock cichlid fishes... $40.
View January 13, 2023 00:14
The plant not doing well, it is not what I am looking for, finally today I converted this tank to rock/sand only for African cichlid fish tank only.
View January 12, 2023 10:11
I am so glad all the plants growing well, just need some time, will get a lush green fully covered s-repen carpet aquarium...
View April 10, 2022 10:24
I am really looking forward to having a lush green s-repens carpet...
View April 10, 2022 05:27
Today and yesterday(Apr/01/02 2022), I re-aquascaped reefer 170 tank.
Because angel fish or other big fish not compatible with most of the plant, I can't have nice planted tank. Everyday looking at this tank, it doesn't give me joy but some bad feeling...
Finally I decided to tear off the old aqua scape and re do it.
This round I am using substrate support for the first time, I hope this method can keep the substrate slope in shape over the time.
I really love to have a s- repens plant as carpet plant tank, so this time I am using s repens as carpet plant.
View April 2, 2022 02:18
Chihiros WRGB II 60cm LED arrived and installed...
View July 23, 2021 14:42
The water/plant color of Reefer 170 is not really that great, it looks bluish, if I turn off the blue LED, it will look some kind yellowish, it just not like Chihiro WRGBII LED can give vibrant vivid pure white color, finally today I made my mind to change this AI expensive LED to Chihiro WRGB II 60cm LED ($197)...
View July 14, 2021 03:06