Almost no work done this tank besides the daily feeding and filter socks cleaning, this tank is running super well!
View December 9, 2019 06:24
Lunch time, I went to Clementi Block328 fish shop, bought another 4 discus fishes (Yellow watermelon x2 , Red watermelon x2), total $120, I wish these 4 fishes will perform better, not hiding all day long.

For the 2 old still hiding fishes, What should I do? I bought medicine for the fishes today and new type food as well.

Hope I can solve the fish hiding issue...
View October 12, 2019 07:22
Discus still hiding all day? Should I do something?
View October 9, 2019 07:18
Tall plant growing very well, today trimmed a lot, but green algae is growing and I couldn't find single yamato shrimp...
View September 30, 2019 15:12
2 Discus hiding at the tank corner behind tall plant for a few days, today eating well (even still hide in the corner)- TianTian feed them with red worm.
View September 22, 2019 12:46
Lunch time, went to "That aquarium" to buy food for Discus-frozen red worm, by the way bought another 10 cardinal Tetra, awesome!
View September 16, 2019 15:25
This evening after work, I went to "that aquarium" to buy Co2 Bubble gauge, by the way I bought 2 big super beautiful discus fishes, this marks new chapter!
View September 14, 2019 15:18
Reefer 170 water is so crystal clear, I am loving it! Unbelievable!
View September 14, 2019 06:58
Finally my study and effort paying back, after UV light installed, the 2nd day I can tell the water is getting clearer, the 3rd day, water is much much better, no more cloudiness, to go further, yesterday I added seachem clarity, but seems water is already very clear, clarity doesn't do any help but make the water worse (10 hours after clarity added), so I did 30% water change. Yes, finally I am so pleased to see reefer170 water so crystal clear...while I am sitting in front of PC, my eyes always attracted to the tank...
View September 13, 2019 05:53
Reefer 170 tank water still cloudy.
Today I removed carbon reactor, installed UV sterilizer(removed from reefer 350 tank), let's how it goes...
View September 10, 2019 15:02