2 Discus hiding at the tank corner behind tall plant for a few days, today eating well (even still hide in the corner)- TianTian feed them with red worm.
View September 22, 2019 12:46
Lunch time, went to "That aquarium" to buy food for Discus-frozen red worm, by the way bought another 10 cardinal Tetra, awesome!
View September 16, 2019 15:25
This evening after work, I went to "that aquarium" to buy Co2 Bubble gauge, by the way I bought 2 big super beautiful discus fishes, this marks new chapter!
View September 14, 2019 15:18
Reefer 170 water is so crystal clear, I am loving it! Unbelievable!
View September 14, 2019 06:58
Finally my study and effort paying back, after UV light installed, the 2nd day I can tell the water is getting clearer, the 3rd day, water is much much better, no more cloudiness, to go further, yesterday I added seachem clarity, but seems water is already very clear, clarity doesn't do any help but make the water worse (10 hours after clarity added), so I did 30% water change. Yes, finally I am so pleased to see reefer170 water so crystal clear...while I am sitting in front of PC, my eyes always attracted to the tank...
View September 13, 2019 05:53
Reefer 170 tank water still cloudy.
Today I removed carbon reactor, installed UV sterilizer(removed from reefer 350 tank), let's how it goes...
View September 10, 2019 15:02
I am struggling to find out why I can't get clear water. What makes the water so cloudy?

Daily 30% water change, no help.
Carbon reactor- no help.
Strong return pump- no help.
Dense filter floss- no help.
Removed dead plant fast- no help.

What's next?
View September 5, 2019 14:53
Installed bubble magus big Carbon reactor to reefer 170 to fight the cloudy water, hope to get clear water.
View September 3, 2019 15:48
Reefer 170 water still cloudy despite I change out 35% water almost daily, even I added carbon reactor, no much help. Next step is to upgrade the main return pump, current return pump flow rate is way too low...I hope with new big powerful return pump, the water return rate can increase 3-5 times fast, this will help to clean up the water faster and also can act as wave maker for reefer 170.
--- LunchTime, Jebao DC4000 bought @$97 from Ah Beng marine shop.
--- 21:30- 23:00, DC4000 successfully installed. Flow rate at least 3 times more than before... only half hour after installed the new pump, I can see the water is getting clearer...
View September 2, 2019 00:32
This morning the water looks clearer, but far from crystal clear...
View August 29, 2019 03:51