My Aquarium

Volume 75 Gallons
Dimensions 48'' x 18'' x 20''
Make Deep Blue
Model Reef Ready 75 gallon rimless




568 GPH submersible utility pump
MRC 29 GL sump

On average you perform a 10.8% water change every 1 days.

0% total water change in August.

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Cleaned the walls and power head yesterday just to get the debris off. Water is a little cloudy still but better than it was yesterday after I cleaned my filter sock out. Ordered two more 1600 pumps f
Dosed the second round of the Red Sea kit today. Noticed some growth already, a white type bacteria, but the kit says that this is normal. The water is crystal clear though so I'm enjoying that. Defin
Started day 1 with the Red Sea Reef Pro mature kit. only complaint so far is the dropper it comes with isn't very precise. I may just be an idiot though. A trusted friend tell me to throw a raw shrimp
Added the second rock arch. Didn't hold together in the center but I was running low on the epoxy at that point and probably should have used more. It would up working out since they lean into each ot
Forgot to mention what happened with the carbon bag today. I guess I didn't tie the string tight enough or something else might have happened. Whatever it was 95% of the carbon was dumped out of the b
Changed out about ten gallons for freshwater to reduce the salinity which is still a bit too high. Went to the store and got some dry rock today. I decided on dry rock because I also bought a kit for

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