Volume 187 Gallons
Dimensions 60'' x 24'' x 30''
Make Woodson Aquaria
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Currently a work in progress! Soon to be an SPS dominated reef with some LPS, and low fish stocking.


Ecotech Radion Gen1, although i will be upgrading to the Gen3 Pros in the near future, when coral stock starts to arrive.


Main tank flow is provided by three Ecotech Marine MP40 power heads, sumps main return loop is done with a Tunze 1073.050 as i prefer a steady sump flow rather than a raging torrent going through there!




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Alk still dropping steadily, still got a 0.6dKH consistent difference between 3 different test kits however! Have ordered some Fauna Marin reference solution to check them all against.
Purchased a Hanna Alkalinity checker and gave it a try today. Very quick and very easy to use, if anything the best test kit ever!

However it does show a difference of nearly 0.6dKh to my
Purchased a Red Sea KH/Alkalinity Pro kit which matched the result of my existing Salifert test kit by 0.1dKh! So I'm happy with that, following a test at my LFS which showed my dKh to be 7dKh and i w
Saw a fantastic Clown Frogfish in the LFS today! Sorely tempted for the future but will severely limit the other stocking in the tank!
Had Salinity and Alk/KH checked at LFS today (MA), Salinity was perfect at 35ppt which confirms and reassures my own refractometer.

LFS measured my Alk at 7dkh though, while my Salifert k
Took some test, most holding steady, and ceramics so far seem to be taking up around 0.5dkh of alkalinity, every 2 days. May well need to start dosing to keep it steady soon and allow them to saturate

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Inspiration & Goals

I endeavour to make this aquarium as sustainable as possible, ceramics have been used instead of live rock. Where and whenever possible, corals will come from frags or sourced from locations of other sustainability, and fish will be from tank bred or second hand sources. I try to make sure all my equipment is as efficient and lower power as possible, and have a solar system attached to the main that the the aquarium runs off.