Profilux and dosing unit all sitting neatly!
View May 31, 2013 22:25
Moved the new Mimic tang from quarantine to DT. Got a little beaten up by the Naso to start with but they are getting along fine now.
View April 6, 2013 07:48
Orange-tip anemone, Day 4. Settling in nicely :)
View April 4, 2013 08:01
Orange-tip anemone, Day 3. Purging - Seemed happy right before doing this so hopefully a good thing.
View April 3, 2013 07:56
Orange-tip anemone, Day 1. Hiding in the rocks, trying to get it to come out with a torch.
View April 1, 2013 07:53
Putting the Orange-tip anemone in the tank. Nice and puffy :)
View March 31, 2013 07:54
Removed zoas from their rock and glued to the live rock running up the weir. Hoping they will spread and cover the weir. Eco Tech glue worked a treat :)
View March 23, 2013 03:49
Built a little shelf today and installed hooks for nets. Much tidier!!
View March 17, 2013 04:28
Identified white "Sponge" appearing all over rocks and glass. Currently some underneath Duncan and one on spider sponge. Removed visible pieces from rocks and glass during water change last night.
View March 14, 2013 06:02
DC-10000 is finally in, plumbing done and cables managed. Now for a profilux :)
View March 8, 2013 21:18