dtum ‐ This is a terrific video. Very informative and detailed, gives me a good idea on how to set my mixing system up (coming in the next couple of months).
A few questions: is this a standard cup or did you take a cup and cut it to a certain size / volume? Why not use gravity when filling the saltwater container? Oh, and what happens when it rains - will your RODI get wet?
Thank you, your videos are very enjoyable.
samwisegamgee16 ‐ Thanks Dtum. We are glad you have found it informative and useful.

In regards to the cup, it was the biggest cup we had handy that we could spare and would not break if we dropped it. I am not entirely sure the volume it holds (it would approximately be 400ml) but for the first few mixes we did trial and error to determine the needed number of cups we needed.

As you may have noticed we have the pipe from the RO barrels to the salt mixing barrel come up to a height that is just below the top of the RO barrels. This was intended to allow the water to go into the salt water barrel once the RO ones were full. Although this is an option we find we don?t use it because as soon as the salt barrel is empty we immediately fill it up and start mixing again to ensure it is ready when needed.

To allow the RO water to be gravity fed into the salt water barrel the water level in the RO barrel will need to be above the level we want it to be filled in the salt water barrel. The way we have it setup, completely gravity feeding the water would not work as half of the RO barrels (total volume 440L) is used when filling salt water barrel (total volume 220L). This means that even when the RO barrels are full, the level in the RO barrel is reduced to about 3/4 of the height of the salt water barrel which would not allow it to fill the entire barrel via gravity.

We find that using the pump we have complete control of the water level in the salt water mixing barrel which seems to make it easier although we do have the option for it to overflow into the salt barrel.

Unfortunately you are correct in regards to the RODI filter getting wet when it rains. The TDS meter is currently broken due to water damage however everything else should be ok in the weather. That said, due to the TDS meter being installed we intend on replacing the meter and protecting it from the rain by either moving the unit or covering it with something.

I hope that answers your questions and helps. If not, please let me know :)
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