Venezia 190

Volume 50 Gallons
Dimensions 90cm x 70cm x 70cm
Make Fluval
Model Venezia


My other half thought it would be nice to have a few goldfish. I liked so much that I decided a marine tank again was the way to go. The last time was about 15 years ago when I lived in England and I have forgotten a lot. Currently, I live in the Dominican Republic, so there a very few options for a available tanks. While I can buy accessories online and ship them in, the weight of the tank, makes it impractical. I saw some SunSun & Oceanson tanks, but couldn?t find much info on-line for them. Hence, I have ended up with a Fluval Venezia 190 (approx. 50g) corner tank. It looks like quite old stock as the filter supplied is a 205. It comes complete with 2x24w T5 lamps & 200w heater.

Additional purchases include Ooctpus BH100 skimmer, Taotronics 165w LED, Sun 13w UV, 2x850 Koralia Evo, Reefkeeper lite
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  • Spotted Cardinalfish / Sphaeramia nematoptera


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2 Fish

Purple Dottyback Pseudochromis porphyreus
Spotted Cardinalfish Sphaeramia nematoptera

17 Corals

Branched Montipora Coral Montipora digitata
Candy Cane Coral Caulastrea furcata
6 Florida Ricordea Mushroom Ricordea florida
Folded Brain Coral Trachyphyllia radiata
Frogspawn Coral - Branched Euphyllia paradivisa
Glove Polyp Clavularia sp.
Pavona Coral Pavona decussatus
Starburst Polyp Briareum sp.
Toadstool Leather Sarcophyton sp
Turbinaria Cup Coral Turbinaria sp.

20 Invertebrate

Blood Red Fire Shrimp Lysmata debelius
11 Blue Legged Hermit Crab Clibanarius tricolor
Linckia Sea Star Linckia laevigata
2 Red Line Cleaner Shrimp Lysmata amboinensis
5 Turban Snail Tectus fenestratus


On average you perform a 14.9% water change every 9 days.

0% total water change in August.

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Tomato Clown back in the main tank
Toadstool leather appears to have white spots and has not opened up for 3 days. Googling results...appears to be starting the shedding cycle. I hope.
Came back from vacation and both the tang & Royal Gramma died during my absence. Apparently, the Royal Gramma just disappeared and the tang stopped eating and was sitting on the bottom with white thin
Prepping for vacation. Lots of water changes over the last 2 weeks. 1 more tomorrow and change filters and then a big one on Saturday.
Stupid Clownfish is now hosting my Goniopora. Time for it to go in the QT tank until I can find a new home for it.
Montipora fell on the Goniopora! My fault for the stupid mounting position. I need to rearrange the tank...and fast!

Dipped Bubble and scrubbed off what I think is vermetid snail. Still n

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