Day'sEdge 12g






19 Fish

3 Buce Bucephalandra sp
10 Cherry Shrimp Neocaridina davidi
6 Chili Rasbora Boraras brigittae

2 Invertebrate

2 Nerite Snail sp sp

18 Plants

Anubias barteri Anubias barteri var ?
2 Anubias nana Anubias nana
Buce Red Mini Bucephalandra 'Red Mini'
Crypt wendtii Green Cryptocoryne wendtii 'Green'
3 Giant Hairgrass Eleocharis montevidensis
6 Java Fern Microsorum pteropus,
Monte Carlo Microcanthemum tweediei  'Monte Carlo'
Ozelot Sword Echinodorus 'Ozelot Green'
S repens Staurogyne repens
Weeping Java Moss Vesicularia ferriei 'Weeping'

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Fluval Cycle · Fish Food Cycling · Ammonium Cloride solution · Dr. Tim's One & Only Bacteria · NilocG Thrive · Fluval Clearmax · Flourish Tabs

On average you perform a 58.6% water change every 6 days.

0% total water change in June.

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Hardscape is in. 1/2 (or so) of the plants are in as well.90% water change to get everything done.Planted today: 2 Anubias nana, 1 Anubias barteri sp?, 1 Crypt wendtii, 6 bunches of Microsorum Pteropu
Added first dose of Dr Tim's Ammonium Chloride solution. 4 dops per gallon/48 drops.
Initial setup.*Specs:16.8 L X 10.25 W X 22.9 H IN (43 L X 26 W X 58 H CM)Capacity: 12 gallon/45 litresLight output: 47 lumens per gallon,      6500-7000k temperature

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