Having issues adding perimeters through my android app. Keeps force closing every time I add a perimeter. Anyone else having issues.
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A week with out dosing, Is it worth it to add stuff to tank? Don't seem like a good use of money for me. On my last test I messed up and added some natural ocean sand to my refuge, witch I think it jumped my Mag and Cal up a little. This put my sand bed at 4in deep, witch I have a slow flow through. So why Spend cash on chems that don't seem to do anything that a water change wont take care of.
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Changed light scedual

Shallow Reef (Natural)
The Shallow Reef schedule is based off spectrum measurements collected near Sipadan Island in Malaysia. The measurements were made from sunrise to sunset just above the ocean. Use this mode if you are looking for the most natural setting for your reef environment. There is no moonlight period set for this mode.
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Have been dosing with full line of Aquavitro. Tested today after two weeks of no water changes and everything tested good. So what I'm going to do is a 10gallon water change and not use any adds and see where all my parameters go for a week. My tank is doing awesome, I had issues with some SPS but I fraged them and the new frags are doing great under the new lights.

Very happy with everything just want to see what my tank actually uses up in a week. Vaction is around the corner, also set up a ATO witch I will tune in tomorrow.
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Did some mods to my Coralife Super Skimmer 65. If anyone that has issues with this thing, this might help or give you some ideas. I cut the outlet pipe and used a hose to put them back together. This has allowed me for better placement in my sump (ProFlex Model 1 Sump). I also moved it, built a little stand to get the best depth.

It use to take a long time to get anything in the cup. Now with in a couple of days I get heavy dark sludge in the cup. So with the skimmer pulling and dumping on the other side of the wall. It is actually moving almost all the sump flow through the skimmer. Very little flow over the wall.
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My local fish store ID these as extra long green polyp toadstool coral. Thinking about cutting one out of the crack and get it stuck on a plug.
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Started keeping track of tank on Aquatic log. Been using app on my phone but data keeps getting lost. So hopefully this will make it easier. Also started using Phyto Feast and Roti Feast. Not using the dosage on the bottle, doing about a 5ml shot once or twice a week.
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