Ok I done a 5 gallon water change yesterday I checked my water today and I check my water the day before the ph was 8.4 Ammonia was 0ppm nitrite was 0 ppm nitrat was 0ppm and I checked it today and the ph is at 8.2 and the Ammonia is 0.25 ppm Nitrite are 0 ppm Nitrate are 0 ppm I only have two Maroon clown one fire shrimp one coral banded and all of my clean up crew I don't know whamade the Ammonia go up can any one help please
View March 25, 2016 17:56
Yes is there any one that can tell me how they like the AI prime led light I am looking in to getting one for my 29 gallon and what are some good setting to run one
View March 25, 2016 09:30
Yes I am changing salt this week I am going to start using Red Sea Coral Pro Salt it has so much more elements in it so I hope it really gets my corals going a lot better
View March 23, 2016 15:59
Starting to see a big difference in the corals and my tank I love this hobby
View March 23, 2016 14:34
Scott goes nuts for some zowes

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