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Age 3 years, 11 months
Started November 1, 2012
Official Volume 125 Gallons
Actual Volume 125 Gallons
Dimensions 72'' x 18'' x 24''
Make Perfecto
Model 125
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dtum ‐ Very nice oscars, what are their names? (I'm 99% sure that you must have named those two pups).
scottstanks ‐ The Red's named Samson and the Tiger is Delilah.
dtum ‐ Very neat, love the names. Oscars are so much fun.


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6 Fish

Red Oscar Astronotus ocellatus
4 Silver Dollar Metynnis argenteus
Tiger Oscar Astronotus ocellatus

On average you perform a 36% water change every 4 days.

0% total water change in December.

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Today at around 7:30 the oscars got into a fight, slammed into the rear panel of the tank, the center brace pulled apart, the silicone in the rear top left gave out and the tank drained 125 gallons of
Since turning the temp in the tank down to 76*F I've noticed that Oscars appetite has decreased. I am therefore moving to feeding once daily for the winter. I don't anticipate that this will effect th
Winter is coming.
I've been turning down the temperature the last two months so that I'm not heating the tank to 80*F during the freezing ND winters also I hope it creates a more natural seasona
The oscar tank turns 1 year old today!
Did a water change today and while siphoning water, Delilah charged me and bit onto the knuckles of my middle and ring fingers.
Asked for 18 live crickets at Petco and got at least 30 instead. The oscars gorged themselves so I think today is going to be a starve day.