5.5 Pico



1 Fish

161 Corals

3 Acan sp sp
11 Alpha and Omegas sp sp
6 Bam Bams sp sp
7 Blasto sp sp
3 Captain America Palys sp sp
3 Cinnamon Grandis Palys sp sp
8 Gorilla Nips sp sp
11 Green Alpha Omegas sp sp
Green Star Polyps GSP sp sp
3 J.F. Stargazers sp sp
6 JF Sun Mohicans sp sp
3 Keds Reds sp sp
Montipora Spongade sp sp
8 Mystery Heads sp sp
2 Mystery Space Galaxies sp sp
3 Neo Green Zoa sp sp
6 Nirvanas sp sp
13 Nuclear Green Button Palys sp sp
15 Olive Green Palys sp sp
Orange Leptoserus sp sp
3 Pandoras sp sp
2 Peachy Zoas sp sp
2 People Eaters sp sp
Pink Galaxy Favia sp sp
4 Purple Deaths sp sp
3 Purple Hearts sp sp
Purple Vampire sp sp
2 Rainbow Infusions sp sp
Rainbow Micro Lord sp sp
4 Rasta sp sp
Ricordia Green sp sp
3 Sonic Flares sp sp
7 Spit Fires sp sp
Xenia Pulsing sp sp



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Reed Roids · Mysis Shrimp

On average you perform a 26.8% water change every 9 days.

0% total water change in November.

0 activities in the last year

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