10 Quarantine

St. Louis, Missouri


This is my Quarantine tank, it pretty much stays dry unless I need to Q something for the display tank. Thinking of using it for a really small nano reef, but not sure if i want to drop the funds to get the stuff I need, or use it on the 55 thats not set up. Decisions, decisions...


This is the tank that most people forget about, or simply don't have. I haven't had any problems with sick fish in my display tank, but I did keep them all in this tank for 4-6 weeks each. The LFS I made my purchases at treats their fish only tanks so I felt comfortable just watching them for a few weeks.



Tetra Whisper with carbon cartridges.


Right now it has a stock, single bulb on it with the hood.


I cleaned up the 2 Hydor Nano powerheads and will use them on this tank with the wave maker if I set it up. Hopefully it won't be too much flow for such a small tank.



There are no additives in this tank, the water comes directly from my DT.


This tank is usually in a dry state, unless I need it running to QT a newbie for my DT.

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It's been a long time since my quarantine tank was used, I guess I need to get it set up for some new residents. Still trying to decide what to get to replace the clowns.
Guess this tank will be needed after all if I set up the 55. Will need somewhere to quarantine the critters down the road.
Tank and all accessories are cleaned and ready to go for whatever comes.
Gonna clean the tank out today. It's been sitting for a while with water in it ANC no critters. Still thinking about making it a pico reef tank.
Time to decide if we want to add a Citrinis Goby to the main tank or say we're done with fish and make this a small zoa garden. Choices, choices, choices.
Might be time to add a new occupant for a few weeks... Citrinis goby?

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