10 Quarantine

St. Louis, Missouri USA


This is my Quarantine tank, it pretty much stays dry unless I need to Q something for the display tank. Thinking of using it for a really small nano reef, but not sure if i want to drop the funds to get the stuff I need, or use it on the 55 thats not set up. Decisions, decisions...


This is the tank that most people forget about, or simply don't have. I haven't had any problems with sick fish in my display tank, but I did keep them all in this tank for 4-6 weeks each. The LFS I made my purchases at treats their fish only tanks so I felt comfortable just watching them for a few weeks.



Tetra Whisper with carbon cartridges.


Right now it has a stock, single bulb on it with the hood.


I cleaned up the 2 Hydor Nano powerheads and will use them on this tank with the wave maker if I set it up. Hopefully it won't be too much flow for such a small tank.



There are no additives in this tank, the water comes directly from my DT.


This tank is usually in a dry state, unless I need it running to QT a newbie for my DT.

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