Added 12 Amano shrimp today, they went straight to work before they even hit bottom
View October 24, 2020 06:24
Cleaned most of the stringy algae out with a toothbrush. The Otos are getting to business with the glass...
View October 17, 2020 21:48
Added 7 Otocinclus cats today from Tropical World Pets
View October 17, 2020 18:32
Removing algae is a daily project now, hoping the levels balance this weekend to get some Oto's in the to start munching.
View October 9, 2020 22:42
Finally got my shipment of Pogostemon erectus to add
View October 8, 2020 22:43
The plants are looking pretty good overall, although the moss on higher up driftwood is looking a little browner. Maybe too much light?
View September 20, 2020 21:41
Had to do some adjusting with the out flow pipe to get the skimmer to settle down and not bob. Opened the lower intake adjustment to full and it seems to be doing ok. So far...
View September 19, 2020 21:42
Finally got everything put together and now up and running! Victory is mine!!
View September 17, 2020 03:15
Painted the inside of the stand white to help with seeing under the tank. Painting the back glass black. Ordered 2 cups of tissue cultured pogostemon erectus also...
View August 25, 2020 04:57
So far the planned inhabitants are Amano shrimp, Otocinclus cats and probably Black Neon Tetras, Ember Tetras, or Harlequin Rasboras.
View August 19, 2020 03:35