Had another runaway ATO. Did two 3-gal water changes but looks like I lost some SPS due to the pH and Alk swings. I've removed Kalk from the ATO now and am not adding it again until I get a pH controller or Apex to shut it off if it happens again. 2x in one year and lucky I caught it very soon both times.
View February 18, 2019 21:19
Came home to find the osmolator had dumped a bunch of kalk into the tank. It was full to the top! Corals looked terrible and snails were upside down. Did a 80% water change and got salinity back to 1.024. I didn't test alk or ca or pH before or after. Just did the water change as quick as possible.
View October 5, 2018 13:56
WWC Nuclear Halo didn't make it nor did the Xenia. Huge bloom of dyno and brown algae all over the zoas. Some close and shrunk and flaked off. Got a UV Sterilizer to put in tank and that has helped clear up most things. Everything else is looking good now
View September 22, 2018 08:29
Added more coral from Aquatic Sealife and WWC. 10 frags total over 2 weeks. Mostly softies and a few LPS. So far the Xenia didn't make it (I think the dip in CoralRx and Bayer was too much for it). Basically melted and broke apart within a few days and had to manually remove it. I left the base of it on the plug in the sand to see if it regrows.The WWC frags I dipped today. The branching GSP, clove polyps, and 1 zoa haven't opened yet, but the mushroom and one of the other zoas looks good.
View August 28, 2018 22:48
Goby looking good again. Porcelain crab had been missing the last 2 days. Snails are great and remaining sexy shrimp still shaking
View April 14, 2018 15:46
noticed one of the sexy shrimp died so I removed the top and reached in to get it out and the goby jumped about 2 feet out the tank and hit the floor. I was able to get him back in within a few seconds but looks like the impact messed him up. Will see if he lives.
View April 5, 2018 10:41
Thought my porcelain crab was dead and stuck to the powerhead. I was pretty bummed and then saw it fanning in the cave it had called home. Then I realized it had molted. pretty cool that the molted shell had it's little antennae too.
View March 31, 2018 08:30