14 Gallon Biocube






8 Fish

False Percula clown Sp sp
Midas Benny sp sp
3 Nassarious Snail sp sp
Rosy scale Wrasse sp sp
Space invader sp sp

166 Corals

Anthelia Coral sp sp
2 Aussie Joker Torch sp sp
2 Blue and red Acan sp sp
3 Bright Red Acan sp sp
7 Captain America Palys sp sp
6 Cutie Zoas sp sp
7 Eagle Eyes Zoas sp sp
4 Fruit Loop Zoas sp sp
3 Gobstopper Zoas sp sp
9 Green and Purple Acan sp sp
2 Green ultra Blasto sp sp
GreenStar Polyps sp sp
6 Greenbay Packer Zoas sp sp
Jackolantern Lepto sp sp
12 Jamaican Zoas sp sp
7 Jason Fox Zoas Armoured Gods sp sp
Mystic Sunset Montipora Encrusting sp sp
Neon GreenYellowish Hammer sp sp
7 Pandora Zoas sp sp
Pink Diamond Zoas sp sp
Pink Torch sp sp
3 Rainbow Hornet Zoas sp sp
4 Ring of Fire zoas sp sp
7 Sonic Flare Zoas sp sp
Ultra Blastomusa sp sp
5 Yellow Brick Road Zoas sp sp
2 Yoda Zoas sp sp
ZzzRIPzzZ Green Torch sp sp

39 Invertebrate

22 Pinwheel Zoas sp sp
Scarlett Hermit sp sp


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Benepets Reef Food

On average you perform a 17.2% water change every 7 days.

0% total water change in January.

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