dosed 25ml neonitro

dosed coral amino 30 drops.
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jebao scp 150 added only flow pump in tank and corals are loving it!!!

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Dosed Coral Aminos By Brightwell (35Drops)

New Hanna Checker ULR Phosphate :0.00 reading

New Icecap clipon photo lenses

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WC Today
Cleaned Powerheads w 3/4c of Citric acid in 1 gallon RODI

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Joined AquaticLog today. Entered today water parameters and my inhabitants. Looks like a really cool site, cant wait to see my progression as the year goes on
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Made my first Frags and Frag Rack!!

WWC Hulk Lepto x2
24k Lepto x2
Purple/Green Leptestrea x2
Radioactive Dragon Eyes zoas x2
Pink Explosion Zoas x2
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Started dosing NeoNitro by Brightwell Aquatics:

Dose= (System size) X (desired increase in PPM) X (.1261)

My case= 100 x 2 x .1261= ~25ml

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Slight traces of brown Cyano after stopping Vibrant

Did WC and Cleaned Powerheads
View April 10, 2020 18:24