Reefer 450

Volume 92 Gallons
Dimensions 59'' x 22'' x 20''
Make Red Sea
Model Reefer 450
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13 Fish

Black-backed Wrasse Anampses neoguinaicus
Blue Green Chromis Chromis cyanea
Blue Tang Paracanthurus hepatus
Bluespotted Watchman Goby Cryptocentrus pavoninoides
Chalk Bass Serranus tortugarum
Clown fish Amphiprion bicinctus
Fiji Green Chromis sp sp
Flame Angelfish Centropyge loriculus
Foxface Rabbitfish Siganus vulpinus
Longnose Hawkfish Oxycirrhites typus
Scopas Tang Zebrasoma scopas
blood clownfish misbar orange Amphiprion ocellaris

45 Corals

Acan Brain Coral Acanthastrea echinata
Acan Brain Coral Acanthastrea echinata
Acan Brain Coral Acanthastrea echinata
Acropora Coral Acropora sp
Bali Green Slimer Acropora yongei
Cats Paw Neon Green Stylophora pistillata
Frogspawn Euphyllia paradivisa
Goni Red/Yellow
Lobophyllia Brain Coral Lobophyllia hemprichii
Lobophyllia Brain Coral Orange Lobophyllia hemprichii
Midnight Stark Chalice sp sp
Montipora Capricornis Orange sp sp
Moon Favia sp sp
Neo Green Coral sp sp
ORA Neon Birdsnest sp sp
ORA Purple Birds of Paradise sp sp
Orange Flower Pot sp sp
PC Rainbow Acro sp
Pink Birdsnest wGreen Tips Divers Den
Pink Lemonade Acro sp sp
Pink Ring Premium Lobo sp sp
Purple Cap sp sp
Purple Coral Seriatopora hystrix
Purple Stylophora Coral White Tips Stylophora sp
RMF Aqua Glacier Bottlebrush sp sp
Rainbow Milli sp sp
Shawn Bennett yellow tort sp sp
Staghorn Formosa Acropora sp sp
Strawberry Shortcake Acropora microclados
Super Red Trachy sp sp
Superman Millepora sp sp
Tri-color Coral sp sp
Turbinaria Cup Coral Turbinaria sp.
Ultimate Neo Green Favia sp sp
War Coral Red Favites pentagona

69 Invertebrate

Banded Coral Shrimp Stenopus hispidus
5 Banded Trochus Snails sp sp
Brittle Sea Star Banded Ophiocoma scolopendrina
Clean-up Crew sp sp
Cleanup Crew sp sp
Fighting Conch Strombus spp.
Fighting Conch Strombus spp.
Fighting Conch Strombus spp.
Mini Max Carpet Anemone sp sp
Mini Max Carpet Anemone sp sp
6 Nassarius Snail Nassarius sp.
5 Nassarius Snail Nassarius sp.
3 Nassarius Snail Nassarius sp.
PC Rainbow Acro sp
Peppermint Shrimp Lysmata wurdemanni complex
Tiger Pistol Shrimp Alpheus bellulus
Tiger Tail Sea Cucumber Colochirus robustus
Tigger Pods Tigriopus californicus

3 Plants

Cheato sp sp
Pukani Live Rock 96 lbs sp sp


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MicroBacter7 · Acro Power · Activated Carbon · Soda Lime · Iodine · molybdenum · Boron · Reef Nutrition · Reef Booster · Reef Roids/ chili

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