Added Reef Builder to raise alkalinity.
View May 14, 2014 17:49
R/O water collector up and running works good.
View April 25, 2014 20:32
Added Coralife Skimmer.
View April 25, 2014 20:30
Started to mix salt into water for water change.
View March 1, 2014 21:11
I picked up a new container to collect R/O water in and I ordered a float valve to make collection easier.
View February 28, 2014 22:01
Added yellow tang and 3 Red Sea Anthis on 2 -21-14
View February 23, 2014 05:59
Both cleaner wrases went missing on 2-16 I found one near death on the 17th I was unable to find the other. Possibly eaten by hermits/ or emerald crabs. Water tested showed no reason for deaths.
View February 19, 2014 16:36
Added two cleaner wrasses (Labroides dimidiatus)
View February 11, 2014 16:41
Last night I bought a canopy via Craigslist. Great deal. Temp is stable water quality is good. Need a little more live rock and soon I'll be adding fish and coral.
View February 8, 2014 17:11
25 more pounds of live rock one piece with nice coralline algae another with a dozen polyps third was a nice shape. Also added two large pieces of cured cleaned dry rock (lace rock & lava rock).
View February 6, 2014 17:18