Living Room on Nov 30, 2019
ytateno ‐ Nice spherical aquarium! I also keep small fish in small ball tanks.
shredder@ytateno Thanks, my first tank since I was a kid.

I read on the interwebs that the biorb is known as the orb of death and I took that as a challenge :-)
ytateno ‐ I learned for the first time that the biOrb had such an origin.
I am challenging too :-)
My biOrb is 87system′19pico. Please take a look :D
shredder@ytateno very nice, you've got some really cool tanks there.

I think the biros specifically is supposed to be a problem and I think it is to do with the unbuild filter mechanism.

Give it a go, I think they do a 30l one ;-)
shredder 1 year
ytateno 1 year