Xenia dying. Looks like change in temp an season? or water is too clean... no real reason, too bad :(
View September 20, 2013 12:03
Blue hermit crab eating SPS moved downstairs to the other tank
View July 22, 2013 18:32
Removed aprox half of gravel and dipped all rocks.
View May 14, 2013 21:15
Circulation pump and phosphate resin added to rear chamber.
View April 24, 2013 21:59
Complete cleaning, removed all rock and inhabitants. Dipped most rock. Vacuumed the sediment.
View April 20, 2013 22:56
Steve the blemy passed today. Sometime after 7:30 am he was killed/died and eaten by the other inhabitants. No sign of him anywhere in the tank. Poor Steve. On a positive note Dottie ( the damsel fish) is enjoying been queen of the tank.

Steve and his cute blemy face will be missed.
View April 19, 2013 21:30
Diatom bloom
View April 6, 2013 21:23
Bought vacuum and used to take out some of the sediment/algae
View March 30, 2013 10:58
Removed 5 algae bubbles yesterday. Most on purple zoas
View March 30, 2013 10:58
Gadget shed his skin again
View March 25, 2013 14:48