FTS January 18, 2013
d2mini ‐ Nice... some good looking bubble tips.
slo-mo-shun ‐ Thanks, don't know why but the hem has been for a bit of a walk around for the last week or so.
d2mini ‐ Yeah, I have a Rose Nem that split and now both halves are walking around, but have stayed on the same rock. Sometimes they are in front, sometimes in back, one has even been hanging out inside my giant montiplate coral some days. Fine with me as long as they don't go on a stinging rampage in the middle of the night! ;-)
slo-mo-shun ‐ LOL, yes have been a little concerned that mine may start stinging the other inhabitants but so far he has behaved. Now my tube nem will sting any time any place, aggressive but beautiful little swine.
d2mini ‐ But your tube nem doesn't travel around, does he? I used to have one (very pretty) but he always stayed put in the sand. I'd love to get another one for this tank.
slo-mo-shun ‐ No he stays put but he does seem to change the direction he leans and being nearly a foot long when he's fully extended (sand to tentacle tip) have to be careful where I place him.
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