dtum ‐ Ah, it's so great to see the tank video, so much more telling than a photo. I can't wait to get those Radions!
ssbk23 ‐ Thanks mate :)
Are you going to get the normal Radions or the pro's?
dtum ‐ Pros For The Win! I'm super excited.
ssbk23 ‐ Good choice :)
I'm looking forward to the pro upgrade kits coming out :)
denveraquarist ‐ One of the best sps tanks I have seen!
ssbk23 ‐ Thank you :D
It's still got a fair bit to go compared to some of the others I've seen but its getting there :)
d2mini ‐ Nice vid. Maybe I do need to add a yellow tang someday. There are others that I like better (less common and more interesting markings) but they sure do add a nice splash of bright color.
bmennear ‐ Amazing SPS tank. It's very cool to see the fish swimming through the channel between the two rock formations.
ssbk23 ‐ Thanks guys :)
The yellow tang is very common but had to resist with the colour.
My ultimate fish is an Achilles Tang, just need to wait for the tank upgrade :)
alvin ‐ Hi, I cant add videos from u-tube, to my videos on aquatic log, keeps saying, Video link must start with http:// or https://.
but the link is fine.
Have u got any idea what's happening.
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