FTS February 10, 2013
d2mini ‐ Oh man.... can't wait to see this one!
dtum ‐ WHAT. IS. THIS?!?
Please forgive my caps. No, seriously, what is this???
urbaneks ‐ Very close to the dimensions of my next tank. I'd like to go 60x48x18 or 20, have not decided on that last measurement. At any rate, this should be an amazing setup.
ssbk23 ‐ Thank guys :D
Haha Dmitry, it's the start of something special ;)
dtum ‐ Well, as we wait patiently for the tank to start coming to life, can you answer the following two questions: what's the reasoning for the upgrade? And what are your plans for the new tank?
ssbk23 ‐ Main reason was the space for much more SPS :D
Also allows me to get some more fish and space for my rabbitfish to grow.

This tank will be viewable from all 3 sides with the weir end against the wall, rock work in the centre with coral in every available space :)
d2mini ‐ Sounds sick. Now hurry up!
ssbk23 ‐ Haha it's progressing each day. If all goes well it should be running in 2 weeks :)
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