chronzz ‐ nice video
dtum ‐ Yep, this video is top notch. Very nice progress for six months, that trigger is super duper awesome.
eternalaquarium ‐ diatoms look like too much start3. residue on the rock looks like too much bak. This is just the break down toward ULNS too quickly. If you are using Zym step up the bioMate dosage to help clean it up. Keep slow and chive on, looking awesome, and colors are showing very well my friend. You may also try Spur2 to rip some zooxanthellae off and lighten up the corals slightly if looking for pastel colors.
chronzz ‐ you need a better CUC... also what eternalaquarium said.
ssbk23 ‐ Thanks guys :)

Hopefully I can get a better camera soon and step up the video quality.

eternalaquarium - Thank you for the advice :)

The diatoms and residue on the rocks was there before starting the zeo and has reduced considerably since switching over. I had issues with cyanobacteria for some time which I've put down to the vodka I was dosing.
I am using zeozym once per week with 1.5 spoonfuls. Bio mate is dosed twice per week of 7 drops. Does this sound ok or would you suggest I raise the dose and frequency?

Pastel colours is what I'm aiming for, I have some Spur2 so will give it a go :)
reefman_qc ‐ Nice video, like your tank bros !
ssbk23 ‐ Thanks reefman :)
silvio73 ‐ I like your tank, plenty of room to place corals and fish!
ssbk23 ‐ Thank you :)

I already want a bigger tank though lol
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