Raised the lights to see how the corals reacted and attempt to lessen the green daily haze on the glass inside.
View February 3, 2020 18:44
Reminder to self: never buy frozen fold at Petco, even if you’re in a pinch for it. Price gouging is Horrible! Oh, and I ran out of Frozen Plankton today. Looks like a trip to That Fish Place is in my near future. ;-)
View October 25, 2019 17:52
This has been a long, but productive overdue week. You name it and I fixed it, cleaned it, scraped it, adjusted it, measured it, adjusted it again, replaced it, renewed it and am now thoroughly exhausted as I sit and stare at the results of my handiwork. What a difference in the appearance in all the inhabitants after all the adjustments and cleanings. I’m now happy.
View October 16, 2019 21:25
Today was (shamefully) the first I’ve done my full battery of tests in months. Calcium was down to 317 due to a clog in the doser’s feed line. That I believe is remedied now. Also the Magnesium was a little low so I added some liquid Magnesium to raise it. I have to retest both levels. I was a bit disheartened by the nitrate levels, considering I just changed the carbon in the reactor. I have yet to check out the flow rate of that so far. I am changing my feeding regimen as well. Instead of larger feedings every other day, I will now be feeding a single cube everyday. Hopefully it assists in lowering the nitrate numbers as well.
View July 30, 2019 11:48
Had to remove some GFO from the canister because it wasn't tumbling as it should be. Apparently I didn't measure correctly when filling it last week. Duh
View March 18, 2019 10:57
While doing the water change today I disposed of 10 more bristle worms. Baby ones this time. These are in addition to the 11 mature ones removed last week.
View March 8, 2019 06:55
Changed GFO and Carbon in the reactors today. 1st try with the BRS GFO.
View March 6, 2019 12:34
After a successful day yesterday and being too tired to complete my mission I continued today to do just that. I finally got around to changing out the GFO and Carbon in the reactors. That should help tremendously get my numbers (phosphate & nitrates) back in line. Especially considering that also today I worked on my doser and set up the alkalinity dispenser on a different channel (channel #2 wasn't dispensing), setting it as equal outputs as the calcium settings. After going to the trouble of setting up channel #3, I went back to #2 and discovered a clog in the dispensing tube. Oh well, live & learn. But it's now operational at least. I plan on running the gamut of tests to confirm my expectations midweek. Fingers crossed!
View January 6, 2019 09:35
Rearranged some rock work (started by accidentally trying to adjust a rock). Recovered some plugs that had become MIA over the last year and discovered my lime green featherduster to be alive after thinking weeks ago that the Starry Blenny had buried under the bottom rocks, killing it. Somehow it survived tho, but unfortunately I can't say the same about the Blenny who also became missing for about a week, reappeared and died the next day.
View January 5, 2019 16:41
FINALLY got the RO/DI running as intended with the new booster pump. Now at 60 pounds water pressure it takes a tad over 15 minutes to produce a perfect gallon of water. Changed to DI Resin while I was at it.
View January 3, 2019 16:37