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  • Snake Polyps - Brown / Isaurus Tuberculatus
Colony - Brown
Common Name Snake Polyp
Scientific Name Isaurus tuberculatus
Origin Indo-Pacific
Water Movement Low to Moderate
Aggressiveness Low
Light Intensity Moderate to High
Difficulty Moderate
Specific Gravity Range 1.022-1.026
pH Range 8.0-8.4
Water Hardness 8-12 dKH
Temperature Range 75-78
Snake Polyps are very unusual and uncommon polyps. During the day, the polyps are closed and look like fleshy tubes, sometimes with bumps or knobs along their surface. At night, the fringe-edged polyps open up from the ends of the tubes and looks more like the polyps most aquarists are used to. The polyps and tubes can be brown in color or have highlights of iridescent blue or green.

Though these polyps are mostly open at night, they are also photosynthetic and need bright light during the day. At night, they can be target-fed with zooplankton and similar foods. Without regular nighttime feedings, these colonies don't tend to do as well and will eventually starve and die off.