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  • Hawaiian Feather Duster / Sabellastarte sp var
Common Name Pacific Feather Duster
Scientific Name Sabellastarte sp.
Origin Hawaii
Reef Safe Yes
Invert Safe Yes
Community Safe Yes
Difficulty Easy to Moderate
Max Size (in inches) 5 (crown diameter)
Min Tank Size (in gallons) 20
pH Range 8.0-8.4
Temperature Range 75-82
Specific Gravity Range 1.022-1.026
Diet Filter-feeder
Substrate Fine to Moderate
Restricted Yes

Pacific Feather Dusters (Sabellastarte sp.) are typically larger than the Caribbean variety and have a greater range of colors and patterns.

Feather dusters are soft-bodied segmented worms which excrete a mucous layer which collects mud and sand creating a fibrous sheath. Their feathery crown serves as a net to gather fine particulate food out of the water column. They are easy to maintain and prefer a fine substrate environment.

Feather dusters are ideal for beginners and are also sought after by experienced aquarists because of their beauty and simplicity. Most of the time their colors are brown, white and purple or variations there of. If cared for correctly a feather duster will give you years of enjoyment.

The Hawaiian Feather Duster is a fascinating addition to the reef aquarium. Considered both a feeding device and a breathing gill, the stunning crown (radiole) unfurls in all directions and sways gracefully as if keeping time with the current. The fan-shaped crown of the Hawaiian, or Giant Feather Duster is tan or orange with brown band colorations. The radiole of some species from certain locales may be up to 7 inches in diameter, or of brighter colors.
The Hawaiian Feather Duster uses the radiole to filter out small floating organisms, which it directs toward its mouth located at the center of the crown. It protects its segmented body by secreting a parchment-like tube to cover itself. When the Hawaiian Feather Duster is disturbed, it can quickly retract its radiole into the tube. If it is severely stressed, the Hawaiian Feather Duster will discard its crown, growing it back later.

The Hawaiian Feather Duster is often positioned within the coral rubble at the base of the reef aquarium. Reef rubble is often incorporated into the parchment-like tube of the Hawaiian Feather Duster. It needs to be housed in a well-established reef system, as it is dependent upon plankton for its diet. The Hawaiian Feather Duster is very intolerant of copper-based medications.

Supplemental feeding of phytoplankton and liquid organic foods should be provided.
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