Short maintenance session today. Started with more substrate removal at the foreground edge and some other areas. The removed soil was reused to bank up the path leading to the background and the left background stems planting area.

Some moss was pulled out. Some HM was trimmed and trimmings was replanted. Some of the Rotala macrandra mini was trimmed and replanted into the background area. This area does not receive lots of light and how much growth will be there remains to be seen.

Substrate was vacuumed to remove debris. Very little water change less than 2 litres.

Some Monte Carlo was trimmed in the left foreground area and most of the trimmings was replanted in the mid ground path area.

The foreground area was flattened again using the sand flattener.
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12 nos of Amano shrimp - small size was sourced from AquaClub and acclimatised and introduced into the tank.

They appear to be slightly whitish due to transit stress and stress from change in water, but they should settle down fine.
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Zebra Netrite from the Cyrpto was introduced into this tank.
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Up from 2 am. The tank is covered with green thread algae. The slow growing plants rocks driftwood and substrate are all covered with algae.

Using a set of pincers, scrapped out as much threaded algae as possible. The stem plants also got a trim and replanting. The Hygrophila arcuata has not yet made the transition to submerged and all the leaves were rotting and I have removed them. Thanks think I need to make a backup plan for this spot.

The Rotala H’ra was trimmed and the trimmings were replanted. This spot is having more space now since the canister inlet pipe is moved to the foreground of the tank.

Finally added about 7-8 ml of Seachem Excel.
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