A few days ago after a 3 day lights out and a water change, to battle a couple patches of cyano.. STN started on my Monti and Birdsnest.. My duncan was also stressed but has since bounced back. I believe this is all due to getting too comfortable and not keeping track of my parameters. So I hope to use this site to do just that.

Color has come back completely on the Monti's edges but it is still very white in the center.. They both have polyps extended so I am hoping that everything is getting better and will pull through.

Possible Reasons:
I believe my thermometer I use in my mixing bucket is (at least) 2 degrees off from my tank. I plan on using more than one from now on and testing them against my tank.

I also believe that adding ALK and Calcium without testing it was very irresponsible. For the longest time when testing they always used to come out right where I thought it was. This is no longer the case. I believe my ALK dipped down to 6.. who knows.. on several occasions. Never again.. I am also going to start testing Mag once my kit comes in the mail and I am considering switching salt brands. Right now I am using IO's Reef Crystals.

May 29, 2013 10:40
stl_lucas ‐ Sorry to hear about stress on the corals but hopefully the cyano is gone and everything bounces back nicely. Good luck!