The Goldfeeshes

Volume 50 Gallons
Dimensions 36'' x 15'' x 20''
Make SeaClear
Model 50 gallon acrylic





3 Fish

Goldfish Carassius Auratus Auratus
Goldfish Carassius Auratus Auratus
Goldfish Carassius Auratus Auratus

3 Plants

Java Fern Microsorum pteropus
2 Pothos Epipremnum aureum


Python water changer system
Cobalt Brine Shrimp Pellets
Fluval Bug Bites Goldfish Formula
Hikari Lionhead Pellets
J+J Aquatics Bottom Banquet Wafers
Repashy Super Gold
San Francisco Bay Sallys Frozen Brine Shrimp (Double pack)

Feeding See more

Pinch of chopped carrot · 2 cubes Brine shrimp · Pinch chopped carrot (dry) · Collard green · 4 peas · 1 cube Bloodworms + 1 cube Emerald Entree · 5 peas · Broccoli, steamed to death · Broccoli · Strawberry! Not sure if they ate it · 2 cubes bloodworms · 1 cube spirulina brine shrimp + 1 cube freshwater frenzy (?) · Jelly foooooood!!! · Spinach/broccoli gel · 1 cube bloodworms + 1 cube spirulina brine shrimp · 2 cubes broccoli/spinach gel · Collard green, or Please Don't Hate Me treats · Kale (uncooked, the NERVE) · 1 cube Brine Shrimp + 1 cube Freshwater Frenzy · Carrot · String beans (seems to be a hit!) · Bok choy/Kale · Hair algae · String bean · Carrot greens · Cauliflower · Cobalt Brine Shrimp Pellets · Arugula · 1 cube Bloodworms + 1 cube Freshwater Frenzy · Prickly pear

On average you perform a 52.2% water change every 17 days.

0% total water change in July.

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Meredith fed the little buggers while I was gone, they were not nearly as excited to see me as usual when I got home XD Like "yeah mom whatever we got our snacks from someone else. U r replaceable"
Java is yellowing :0 Please stop that friend, you've been doing so well
Let it be known that the nitrates tested at only 5 ppm for possibly the first time ever! Thank you pothos!! And maybe the java too, the pothos alone wasn't able to do this before.
Oh my gosh I missed their anniversary!!! March 29th 2015 I took five little goldfish that had been bought for a holiday and severely neglected in the lobby of my building and moved them into an old 10
Rearranged yesterday and added some more cover, they're so noticeably more active and calm :) Begging for food at 7 am when it was barely light enough to see

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