Woke up this morning to a disaster - looks exactly like the last time I forgot to dose prime during a WC. Only I did dose prime.
View December 17, 2013 21:51
After a steady decline got some advice to stop dosing entirely on account of having a soil base. Suspect toxic water conditions. Can read more starting with this post: http://goo.gl/9AvOdW
View November 11, 2013 00:43
Reduced light time period to 8 hours (was probably 9 or so) and dimmed the LED ever so slightly. Also turned CO2 on 24/7.
View October 30, 2013 13:21
Was gone for 48+ hours. Came back and rthe two reddish plants (Behind driftwood and tank right) both didn't fare well.

I forgot to dose Prime before I left. I also had dipped the plants behind the driftwood in H2O2. Going to do a water change. The HC also is browning a bit and too pale ...
View October 27, 2013 17:53