Near disaster. After doing all of todays maintenance tasks I noticed all of the fish coming to the surface gasping. About an hour later they were all in serious distress with 2 of them laying on the sand gasping and my Compressiceps dead. Performed 50% water change. Fish seemed to recover but still going to the surface. Will check on it in the morning. No idea what happened. I did everything exactly the same way I've been doing it the past 2 weeks. Chemicals are all being dosed exactly as directed. Makes no sense.
View February 29, 2016 02:19
Another water change and have been dosing Nite Out II. Nitrates are still very high. PH and Hardness are finally showing improvement. Melodic also appears to be working, as the Electric Yellow Cichlid is much more active and no longer hiding in the corner constantly. Will continue dosing everything for another week and see where things are next weekend.
View February 28, 2016 20:31
Nitrates are extremely high. Will have to step up water changes to a couple of times per week until they come down to correct level
View February 26, 2016 00:00
2 days and no changes to the chemistry. Took out softener pillow to recharge and realized I wasn't using it correctly :/ Lets try this again
View February 23, 2016 19:59
Ive gotten a bit lax on maintenance and testing and as a result several perimeters are out of whack. My Yellow is also suffering from fin rot, I think as a result of the chemistry being off as well as bullying from some of the other fish. Stocked back up on plants to try to give him some more hiding places and have begun dosing to try and rebalance the chemistry.
View February 21, 2016 23:18
Been off here for a while. Tank has been running for a little over a year now with no more incidences. In fact someone has even been having babies. Cant pin down who it is but they are having a little too much fun. Got a couple of Pictus Cats in the hopes that they would munch on any more offspring. Seems to be working so far.
View February 21, 2016 23:12
Finally get tank setup and running and all but 2 fish die during the move. Not sure what went wrong
View November 2, 2014 23:09
Canopy has arrived. One step closer to setup
View June 5, 2014 20:45
Received heaters, sand, and some misc supplies today. Canopy is supposed to be delivered tomorrow. Hoping to get the stand ordered within the next couple of weeks. Getting closer to the upgrade!
View June 4, 2014 18:07
Went back home over christmas and left the roommate to take care of the the tank. Bad decision. 1 sick fish + roommate over feeding = 2nd tank crash. Lost about half my fish.
View December 29, 2013 23:10