Adverted disaster today. The main return pump failed and I am very glad that I had a backup return pump to take over where the last one failed. I did procrastinate before today with not getting that pump set up until tonight. However, the pump is working and the tank has been returned to normal. I will need to look for another backup pump for the tank so this doesn't happen again. :)
View March 28, 2019 23:51
Had to move my calcium line to another pump due to malfunctioning of the pump itself. It has been active for 1.5 years so that was expected. I should look into a calcium reactor by end of this winter.
View September 30, 2018 13:07
decreased white LED lights by 5%
View May 19, 2018 18:11
Added an Australian Golden Torch Coral yesterday. bought at my LFS and the coral was in great shape. When I walked into the store, I saw the torch and asked if it was for sale. The salesman said it was and it was basically bought and I walked out within 15 minutes of being in the store. The LFS had a ton of clams and great looking coral but I walked out with the best one they had in my opinion. Definitely one of my favorites and possibly is my favorite coral in the tank.
View May 6, 2018 16:11
switched over to brs' ab+ settings for Hydra lights that they posted in a video when they were spotlighting various lights and what par they could produce under different depths. will run with this to see how it goes
View April 29, 2018 20:40
looking at purchasing a Santa Monica Rain 2 or maybe the Rain 4 to help combat the nutrients that the tank has. Nitrates are at a good level but climbing a little. only have one fish in the system and i do not over feed the tank. not sure why there are nitrates since the amount of rock, sand, marinepure, bio-pellets, and skimmer should be taking care of them with no problems. It could also be that I don't have a ton of phosphates and that might be limiting the reduction of nitrates. will continue to monitor and see how things progress.

Definitely happy with the tank and the direction the tank is taking.
View April 7, 2018 18:26
Increased the white light intensity by 5% during the middle of my day period. The coral coloration is okay but there are some green corals that have a hint of lavender color in them. I am guessing that I have too much blue and not enough white light. will monitor the coloration
View April 7, 2018 18:23
started another 3 day lights off for cyanobacteria. apparently the last lights out want able to kill it all off probably because of where the placement of the tank next to a window facing south.
View April 2, 2018 09:59
Started dosing Sodium Carbonate vice Sodium Bicarbonate to increase pH. Started to draw in outside air to increase pH but that didn't do me any good. Just helped to fuel cyano IMO. Sacramento County is high in pollen and I believe that was the fuel but not 100% sure.
View March 13, 2018 16:07
cyano hasn't returned and the color of the corals are coming back and improving on a daily basis. my kole tabs had ick but seems to be eating well and the flashing is minimalist at best. added an assortment of Reef Cleaners snails but i believe i need more. will get more from LFS
View March 11, 2018 11:03