Today Korben (new spelling to match movie name) gets 4 new friends. 2 Dwarf red leg hermit crabs, Rufus and Doofus, 1 electric blue hermit crab, Relix, and 1 semi-large peppermint shrimp, Ruby Rhod...but you can call him ruby. Jess picked out and named Relix.
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Last night Corbin showed great signs of being the friendly fish that he was at the LFS. He swims up to the glass and will follow you around if you are looking at something else. Corbin also tells me when he's hungry. I got home yesterday and was watching him and he swam up to the glass and waited for a min...then realized I wasnt doing anything so he swam to the middle and then darted to the top and opened his mouth...then swam back down and looked at me again, and then race back to the top and opened his mouth. Needless to say, I fed him
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This morning Corbin was doing well. He is an active swimmer and is eating 5-7 pellets a day roughly. He ate 2 pellets yesterday evening. One thing to note is the giant pink tentacle has moved again, so it is alive and it is moving within the tank. Further inspection is required, but i believe it is a large bristle worm. Hopefully he does not bother Corbin.
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At 7am noticed Corbin was more active, but still primarily on right side of tank. Front middle section of live rock caught my eye. Noticed a bristle worm moving through the rock. Also noticed a large pinkish body/leg/something in the holes on the left side under "bee's nest point". Unsure what it is yet.
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Took first water readings at LFS and using Matt's kit. Readings are first entry in measurements section.

Purchased Corbin (Occelaris Clown) at LFS and drip acclimated him. Approx time entering tank was 5:30pm.

Noticed at 11:45pm that he was near the upper right front corner swimming weirdly. Turned heater from 78 to 76 to help.
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Poured live sand and placed live rock. Filled with LFS 1.023 saltwater.

Noticed 2 mushrooms and lots of Aiptasia. 3 snails and 1 shrimp.
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