MRC 36
d2mini ‐ Hi, what's that "stone" in your sump? Will that not become a place to harbor nitrates? That's the first I've seen something like that so i'm curious! :)
tinmanunited ‐ Hey it's called Seachem Matrix, or the bigger stone version of it Pond Matrix.
Here's a link to the product. It actually helps support denitrifying bacteria.
d2mini ‐ That's cool. I never understood why rock rubble is supposed to be ok in a sump, but things like bioballs are not. I'll be interested to see how this works out. Good luck with the build, it looks awesome so far! :)
tinmanunited ‐ As far as i know, It's not that bio balls aren't acceptable, they just aren't as effective. The surface area on bio balls, which the bacteria adhere to, is limited. Whereas matrix media is very porous, with a surface area many thousand times that of bio balls.
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