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Age 4 years, 3 months
Started July 16, 2012
Official Volume 29 Gallons
Actual Volume 30 Gallons
Make Oceanic
Model Biocube 29
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Greetings fellow reefers!

I'm Paul aka Tinpanva located here in wonderful central Virginia. Perhaps it was my father with his several fresh and saltwater tanks years ago, or maybe the fact I'm only a couple of hours from the coast, whatever it is, I love saltwater. Every time I get a chance to head to the coast I just feel at home, like it's where I belong. I love the smell, the feel of the sand, the waves. Must have been a sea faring man in a previous life. Whatever it is, having a reef tank at home felt like a necessity. Two and a half years later it still provides a daily dose of peace and tranquility.

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jgamble ‐ This is simply one of the best, if not the best, nano that I think I've ever seen.
jimmyree ‐ Amazing!
sealion ‐ This is so beautiful!
echogi ‐ Is there any water???


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Mysis .25 cube · Reef Frenzy · Oyster Feast · Coral Frenzy · Reef Plus · Reef Chilli · ArctiPods

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28 Corals

Blue BottleBrush Acropora sp
Duncan Duncanopsammia axifuga
2 Green Ricorida
JF Sunflower Zoa
Nectar of the Gods
Neon Gren Candy Cane Caulastrea furcata
ORA Green Birdnest
Orange Bam Bams
Orange Ultra Ric
5 Pink Panther Zoanthus sp.
Purple Bonsia Coral Acropora nana
Red Monti Cap (Montipora)
3 Ricordea Mushroom Ricordea florida
Ricordea Mushroom Ricordea yuma
Tri-color Acropora Acropora valida
Upscales Microlados

2 Invertebrate

On average you perform a 16.7% water change every 8 days.

0% total water change in December.

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revised timers - still trying to lower parameters

calk = 3 min
alk = 2.30 min
New timers set for calc and alk

Calk = 4 min
Alk = 3.30 min
Starting to lower my Alk dose, it has been suggested with me running a ULNS a dkh closer to NSW is desired. Knocked a min off each dose. Will check in a few days.

changed from 5.5 (min) x
Po4 has been reduced to almost undetectable amounts, will remove rowaphos from the system and monitor.
Cut Vodka in half now that I hit 0 ppm No3 (.65 ml)
Started feed/dosing 3ml Reef Energy A&B, and .5 ml Reef Colors ABC&D

Inspiration & Goals

Inspiration? That's easy, bigger tank, more corals, more gadgets. Ever met one of those people that just can't leave well enough alone? Always dorking things out with flashy do-dads and fancy gadgets? Yeah, that's me, and this is my geeked out and modified 29 gallon Bio-Cube.

Words of Wisdom

Always keep a red pen handy, that way when you spend too much on something you can just write 'sale' on the receipt with a marked down price. Wive's don't need to know everything.

Disasters & Regrets

Just how many tank STD's did I need to catch before I finally got around to building a quarantine tank, way too many!