2 Part dosing left unchanged. Alk fell from 9.6 to 9.3 in 24 hours. We're right about there. I'm going to leave the pumps alone and check tomorrow.
View October 19, 2013 23:17
2 Part dosing cut back to 26.4 mL/day (Dosing 1:00 every hour). Alk increased from 8.8 to 9.6 dKH in 24 hours. Still overshot :/ Hopefully this cut back will show a slight decrease by tomorrow night. I'd like to get this stable!
View October 19, 2013 01:23
Set 2 part dosing at 66 mL/day (Dosing 2:30 every hour). Alk increased from 8.3 to 8.8 dKH in 24 hours. Looks like I overshot a bit, but we're dialing in!
View October 17, 2013 22:52
Set 2 part dosing at 86.6 mL/day (Dosing 3:16 every hour). Alk dropped from 8.9 to 8 dKH in 15 hours, so looks like a consumption of 1.43 dkH/day. Will monitor daily to confirm and dial in.
View October 16, 2013 14:08
Turned off dosing pumps. Will leave them off for 24 hours and reassess. Lets get this dialed in!
View October 15, 2013 23:01
Acclimated corals from QT to DT and moved over. Finally! some color and motion!
(no offense to the fish who hide all day. I'm looking at you goby & mandarin dragonet!!!)
View October 15, 2013 20:49
Time to find maintenance dose for 2 part. Starting at 72.6mL/day or 2:45min each hour
View October 15, 2013 11:01
Raising Cal Alk and Mag:

From To
Cal 395ppm 440ppm
Alk 6.4dKH 8.9dKH
Mag 1290ppm 1440ppm

Should be raised by Sunday (raising over 3 days)
View October 15, 2013 10:57
Time to really start using aquaticlog and monitor testing
View October 10, 2013 16:33
Up and Running!!!
View September 14, 2013 19:56