Found a tube worm in the live rock I bought from the fish store. Noticed it's two little tentacles poking out. Did some research and it appears to be harmless. I will watch the population, and when I add my CUC I will make sure I grab some hermits to mow them down.
View December 10, 2013 22:08
Still no ammonia reading, however I did get a Nitrite spike which I didn't have before. I'm also seeing some algae growth on my LFS rock. Will have to check it out to make sure it's what it's supposed to be. No other rocks have algae.
View December 9, 2013 19:03
Still waiting for the cycle to start. If I don't see an ammonia spike by the end of this week I'm going to go to start dosing.
View December 9, 2013 00:43
Went to Wai's aquarium last night on 16th Ave. Was not too impressed with their selection or tanks. They did have some nice hammer corals, and a nice cuc, but otherwise was kind of blah. Next I'll try to check out Gold's, Concept, and Big Al's.
View December 4, 2013 18:22
Ammonia still hasn't moved. Have the air running into the pumps and put in some shrimp. Wait a few more days and hopefully it gets going.

Water is crystal clear, though it will dirty up when I move the rocks around for the hundredth time.

Haven't had much to do with the tank today, which I suppose is good since I'm neck deep in finals.
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Grabbed a new rock while I was out getting dinner. What a dent in my wallet. 90$ for this 8 lb rock. Got it in the tank. Don't like the current rock structure, but it will do for now. I will probably rearrange it tomorrow.
View December 3, 2013 22:05
Sand is in, looks like the tank cycle is starting, as ammonia is going up, however I have 0 nitrite but a butt load of nitrate. Will keep an eye on it. Water is clearing up nicely. Rocks were from someone's existing tank and I don't think they were out long enough to get more die off. Thankfully the sand I put in there seems to be kick-starting the cycle, as I really didn't want to throw a hunk of shrimp in there.

Carbon filter decided to be rude and float up and block my pumps this morning, so I had to take it out and retie the end (it's in a carbon bag sock thing) and it doesn't seem to be doing anymore funny business.

Skimmer isn't foaming, research says it's either because there isn't enough to skim at the moment, it takes a few days to break in, or its broken. I'm going with the first diagnosis for now.

Got my rocks re-set up into a position I like. There is a blizzard outside for the next few days so I will not be picking up that extra rock I wanted to. My structure is still pretty low in the tank, but I have some time. I know some people are going with the sparse rock look, but I have a nice flat shelf I want to throw some zoas on so there won't be much life up high. We will see what I decide. At least one or two more rocks would be ideal. Got these for 3$/lb, great deal, but might just suck it up and get some from the LFS for 10$/lb, if I'm just getting a couple rocks.

Water temp is finally going up. Was super cold for a day, but the heater has caught up which is good. My arm was starting to go numb.

Skimmer is also pretty loud. Going to let it run for a couple days to see if it quiets, but if not I'll probably end up shutting it off at night. I've read about this and there are mixed feelings, however I will end up feeding my creatures in the evening and it would be nice to not have all the food end up in the skimmer, and the tank is in my room so I would also like to get some sleep once in a while.
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Couldn't decide how I wanted my rocks, so I ended up taking them down. Ill mess with them later today, as I guess there wasn't enough dieoff and no cycle is being started. Ill add the live sand and see of it starts, if not ill have to get some shrimp.
View December 3, 2013 08:52
After some more gazing, thinking maybe I'll add some more rock. I'd like for it to sit up a tier higher in the tank
View December 1, 2013 22:17
Went after work today to pick up some live rock from someone in town. 3$ a lb, I'll take it! I ended up getting less than I originally planned, as the pieces I chose were fairly large. Brought them home and immediately started organizing them. I had three different structures before I finally decided I liked one of them... Took about two hours for me to make up my mind. Got the RO/DI running for more than 5 minutes (yay!) and no leaks (woohoo!). Checked the lights on the hood, and it looks like a bulb is burnt, however it's not such a big deal at the moment since I'll have a week or so to cycle. (Have I mentioned I got this bad boy used for only 400$? STEAL!)Also stopped at the LFS where the rock vendor was and got a specific gravity test thingy, since I forgot to get one the last time I went on a Aquaspree. Tank is now about a third full.
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