Toby's Reef

Volume 75 Gallons
Make Marineland


I fell in love with the thought of a saltwater aquarium in late August last year. It all started when I was given a 55USG tank. I started looking into it and said this seems pretty cool. I started my research on line and at a local LFS and it sounded great! Working to create this environment from scratch seemed satisfying. Bear in mind, when I started reading and researching I had no idea there was even such a thing as a live rock? So after a couple of months I did my calculations and said, "YUP! I am going to try this!" So I started in October with my plan. Finally had the tank ready to get started and then I read in the bottom corner of the tank "Reptile Only Not for Water" Did I let that discourage me? "Nope" I had come this far so I purchased a 75USG 4' tank. BTW: They always say go as big as you can. They're right! I wished I went bigger. I added my first fish on January 10th, 2016. Corals started May 1.


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