Got tired of cyano and tried to switch over to vinegar from vodka in the last 2 weeks. this has been a nightmare thus far. pH dropped from 8.3 to 7.85. been doing constant water changes now. Already loss 3 bartletts and 1 deepwater colony. Been water changing every other day.

Things are slowly bouncing back. Some fish even broke out with ich during this time, but have since bounced back from it as well.
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Last night one of the baffles I made in my sump (75 gallon tank) 2 years ago gave way. This lowered the water level and basically made my skimmer unusable.

I went ahead and emptied out the sump completely and redid this baffle this morning with some new silicone. I let the sump sit dry for 12 hours and finally cranked it all back up. Decided to run some carbon just in case and everything seems back to normal again. Skimmer is rolling again.
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Finally completed added all of the corals from my excel sheet of where I keep my aquarium log. Shouldn't need to maintain that excel sheet any longer. most inhabitants are now listed here.
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Alk went up to 152, which is high for my tank, had to reduce the alk dosing a little (-12 ml per day less). All of my teal stags had no polyp extension and one even started to rtn from the base. hoping this solves it.
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Took the cooling fan down. It was just cluttering above the tank. My tank simply doesn't need cooling anymore, so it doesn't make sense. i can't even break 78f. Looks like I just regained a slot back on my apex. In fact, I may even remove my moonlights soon as well.

I never realized how much i'd enjoy controllable lights. The freedom to use 5% blue and 1% white and gradually ramp it up is awesome. it gives me more hours of enjoyable viewing, w/o actually lighting the tank.
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so far so good. The reefbreeder lights have shown to be quite powerful. So far my myagi tort has faded its color some (it's right underneath the new lights) and a blue stag has turned very light blue. Everything else has responded very positively.

I cranked the lights up to 90-70 on friday and will likely move to 100-80 this friday. The lights have added next to no heat to the tank at all, which is amazing. My home is running in summer time mode in terms of air conditioning and my tank has yet to exceed 77.8F using the latest DC return pump and the new LED lights.

Looks like the heaters are going to get a major workout next winter.
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Added the waveline DC3000 pump today. It just happens to use the same 1" fittings as my quietone 3000, and it was just a shade taller than the quietone 3000, so the transition was seamless.

I noticed that the pump takes a few seconds to crank up to full power, but other than that, it very closely mimiced the same GPH as the quiet one. I have a gate valve on the drain, so it's easy to tell which pump is stronger. The quietone has the slight edge in terms of headloss GPH, but I wouldn't think that the difference is that much.
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